Frequency Coordination Applications
Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc.

The Annual Membership Application is a separate from the one-time Coordination Application.  The membership application form is NOT, nor should it be construed to be, an application for coordination.

MetroCor Membership is $20.00 per year, per organization/person.  

Membership is not necessary in order for coordination, and visa versa.  Membership and coordination involve separate applications forms, and submission of one in no way implies submission of the other.

A Special $20.00 "First Year Membership Dues/Coordination Fee" schedule is available to first time appliers.  The First Year Membership Dues are reduced to $5.00 to include the ($15.00) initial emitter coordination processing fee for one (1) emitter coordination, this special price structure only if both membership and coordination for one repeater is applied for at the same time.  Additional emitter coordination fees can be included for $5.00 for each additional emitter.

The Coordination Application processing fee is $15.00 per applicant for the first emitter, plus $5.00 for each additional emitter.  These are one-time, non refundable fees which apply whether or not coordination is granted by MetroCor, Inc.  

No coordination is conferred, nor is an application for coordination deemed to be received by MetroCor by its acceptance of this membership application form.  Applications for each frequency coordination should be filed on a separate form provided by MetroCor for that purpose.  MetroCor has no obligation to assign coordination(s) from submission of any application form.  Application for coordination constitutes your request for MetroCor, Inc., to provide frequency coordination services.

Any and all monies paid by the applicant and received by MetroCor for dues or applied to the processing of emitter coordination(s) is received subject to verification with the coordination database.  MetroCor's receipt of fees and or dues provides no guarantee of frequency coordination nor provides the right of exclusive or other use of any coordinated or uncoordinated frequency allocation, per Part 97 of the FCC's Rules.

MetroCor applications when completed, may be sent to: 

MetroCor, inc.
305-12 Knickerbocker Ave,
Bohemia, NY 11716
with the appropriate fees.

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