Links to Other Amateur Radio Repeater Coordination Oriented Web Sites

Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc.


Arkansas Repeater Council
220 MHz Spectrum Management Association of Southern California
Area Repeater Coordination Council (Eastern PA and Southern NJ

CSMA Connecticut Spectrum Management Association
Florida Repeater Council
Illinois Repeater Association (IRA)
Indiana Repeater Council, Inc.
Iowa Repeater Council
Kansas Amateur Repeater Council
MARC (Michigan Area Repeater Council)

Metrocor (Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc.)
National Frequency Coordinators Council 
NARCC (Northern Amateur Relay Council of California Inc.)
New England Spectrum Management Council
North America Coordinating Council
Oregon Region Relay Council 

SERA The SouthEastern Repeater Association, Inc.
Southern CA Repeater & Remote Base Association (SCRRBA)
TASMA (Two Meter Area Spectrum Management Association) [Southern California]
T-MARC (The Middle Atlantic FM and Repeater Council)
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Texas VHF-FM Society
Upper New York Repeater Council
Utah VHF Society

Vermont - VIRCC
WAR (Wisconsin Association of Repeaters)
Western Pennsylvania Repeater Council
Western Washington Amateur Relay Association
Wyoming Ham Repeaters


British Columbia Amateur Radio Coordination Council
Frequency Coordinators and Councils Across Canada
MARCAN Frequency Coordinator (Maritime Provinces of Canada)
Canada's National Amateur Radio Society
Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Council


Amateur FCC Rules, part 97
ARRL (American Radio Relay League)

Hudson Division - American Radio Relay League

North American Digital Systems Directory (NADSD) NJ

North American Digital Systems Directory (NADSD) NY

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